Seaview Sails and Rigging is a Limited Liability company formed in August 2011 and is owned by Todd and Nicola Olson, with our son Jack helping out after school. We are family that Sails. Our loft has 145sq.m of space, big enough for all sails.

Our Mission statement is : Provide the best sails and service to our customers

Todd Olson

Todd grew up in Whitby, learning to sail at Paremata Boating Club when he was 6. Todd has also represented Wellington in the Tanner Cup (P Class ) and also NZ in the 1997 International One Meter Class World Champs.

Todd has over 10 years experience in both sail repairs and rigging. Most of my experience was gathered off shore in Bermuda, where I worked in a Sail loft that was a North Sails agent and also had a Rigging side. I have stepped many new and re-rigged masts, some well over 100'.

Todd has sailed many classes and has experience on many types of keelboats, Optimist, P Class, Starling, Laser, Laser II, 420, 470, Sunburst, E1050, MRX, Muir 8.2, RP80, J24, E22, IOD, J105, J109 and more...

Racing  and Sailing Record

1989 - P Class Tanner Cup 7th
1993 - Accepted into Elite Squad - Laser Class
1995 - Fiji to Auckland Delivery (William Gardner 55')
1997 - IOM Class World Champs 17th
1998 - IOM class NZ Ranking #1
1998 - IOM Class 2nd NZ Nationals
2001 - 2004 Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Champion - J24 Class
2002 - 2nd Place Bermuda International Race Week - Laser Class
2003 - 2nd Place Bermuda International Race Week - J24 Class
2003 - Bermuda National Champion  J24 Class
2003 - Bermuda to Newport Delivery (RP80')
2004 - Bermuda National Champion J24 Class
2004 - 2nd Place Bermuda International Race Week - J24 Class
2005 - 2nd Place Bermuda International Race week - J24 Class
2005 - Bermuda to Newport Delivery (RP80')
2005 - 2nd Place J105 Nationals Bermuda
2006 - 1st Place Bermuda International Race week - J105 Class
2009 - Local Launch Operator Qualification - Maritime NZ
2016 - 2019 - Opti Dad, Full time
2019 - P Class and Open Skiff Dad, Racing a Sunburst

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